Pol Barrós
Director, Producer, Writer & Project Manager
Lover of the cinema and the arts related to it, he takes advantage of his sensitivity and critical spirit to take care of every detail, always betting on efficiency and elegance.
Pablo Lago
Director of Photography & Project Manager
One of the few directors of photography involved in all stages of a project. Able to shape the light and create spectacular atmospheres, his work stands out for its firmness and sophistication.
Mariana San Julián Marco
Cinema Producer, Press & Comunication
All life linked to cinema. Able to push up the projects and solve the obstacles and adverse situations that can occur in a film production.
Aleix Font
Graphic Designer & Creative Development
All facets of his work capture the attention of the viewer. His audacity and exploratory eagerness build projects beyond trends.
Héctor Ayuso
Art Director & Production Designer
His extensive experience on cinema, advertising and TV series allows him to show a strong confidence and commitment to the results of his work.
Albert Lorenz
Music Composer & Sound Engineer
With a bountiful talent and great tenacity, this musician works side by side with the best international performers and technicians who meet at the Svenska Grammofonstudion in Göteborg (Sweden).
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